Life-Cycle Events

Life-Cycle Events

Kehila members are encouraged to include as much of the community as possible in celebrating their life-cycle events. Thus, our children – and, indeed, adults – can observe and participate in many rituals through the years.

* As a community we have observed at least one pidyon haben, a ceremony in which the father of a first-born son “redeems” his son by giving silver coins to a kohanim 30 days after birth.

* Families are encouraged to invite the community to attend services when our children become bar and bat mitzvot.

* Baby-naming ceremonies and brit milah are generally observed in smaller, more family-oriented gatherings.

* Many classes of adult Kehila-ites have studied together and become b’not mitzvah in group ceremonies. The most recent was in 2014 and is remembered here.

* Reb David has performed many weddings for Kehila-its – not only our “grads” but also for older adults. He also has officiated as some couples renew their marriage vows.

* Families may sponsor Kehila events to share the joys of their life-cycle events with the community.

Our Chesed committee is available to help members with these happy celebrations, as well as during times of trouble surrounding illness and death. Their work exemplifies the true meaning of community.

Our Chevra Kadisha committee helps members needing cemetary plots and other funeral matters. Their Guide to Funeral Arrangements is under revision, but the most recent version is available here. Kehila members needing assistance may call Judy Marx, Judy Grimley or Franca Posner.