An Invitation from Reb David

Rosh Hashanah on September 29, 30 & October 1

Yom Kippur on October 8, 9


Summer 2019- Av-Elul 5779

Dear Friends,

Where can we find comfort in the midst of endangered democratic values, hateful speech and immoral behavior from the highest offices of our country? We simply cannot allow ourselves to become withdrawn, to live with sadness, to be sucked into the darkness. Rebbe Nachman used to say “Asur L’hitya-esh. It is forbidden to despair. When difficult times come, know joy...” The way to conquer injustice, hatred, and other evils is to do right actions (Mitzvot), acts of lovingkindness and join with friends and allies to amplify our voices for equity and peace. We can find hope, strength and joy when we sing, celebrate and come together.

During these holy days, we renew ourselves by engaging in a soulful accounting, Heshbon HaNefesh. By voicing our gratitude for life, by learning from our ancient teachings, speakers and teachers engaged in Tikkun Olam, we strengthen ourselves to positively impact the future.

This year we will welcome two new Jewish leaders to our services, Rabbi Laurie Green and Rabbinic Intern-Judaist Jessica Kerman. Rabbi Laurie is joining with me on the rabbinic team of Kehila. She will also serve as our school’s Education Director. Judaist Jessica Kerman will be assisting me in Am Kolel with the revival of our Judaic Resource Center and Maalot Seminary.

If you are not a member of either Kehila or Am Kolel, please consider joining us. You can get more information at the websites or and on the literature table at Walter Johnson High School during services.

On Saturday night, September 21, I will lead Selichot reflections with niggunim at our home, 1719 Wilmart Street, in Rockville, Maryland from 9-11 pm. We will explore themes of Caring for Ourselves and Caring for Earth in light of the Global Climate Strike that week (September 20-27). Our Teshuvah is Global. RSVP to

I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

L’Shalom uVracha, for peace and blessing,

Rabbi David Shneyer

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