Zero-waste in the Marx-Kuo Household

Zero-waste in the Marx-Kuo Household

photo of Keren Kuo and recycling binIn the Marx-Kuo household, zero waste is a way of life.  “Every square inch of paper, even one plastic utensil, gets a second life,” Keren says.

The family has a natural compost area behind their house.  “We compost extensively: tea bags, coffee grounds, pits, seeds, skins, cores, stems, eggs shells, bad produce,” Keren adds.  That same compost everything mantra carries over to community, sporting and realtor events where Keren takes home large quantities of compostable waste and recyclables. 

He says Montgomery County Public Schools should be doing more.  But until he can convince MCPS to put more recycling rules on the books, he carries away large amounts of recyclables from school functions.

And, the garden at BCC outside the cafeteria is a greener place because of Keren.  Four years ago he started dumping coffee grounds, and the garden is blooming.

Asked why he does all this, he says, “It not only reduces pollution and reduces what we send to landfills, but it also saves money and time.” And he adds, “It’s the right thing to do.”