From Scratch: Artists and Creation

From Scratch: Artists and Creation

Libby Mosier helped Kehila write a poem during this program on November 12, 2017.

During this session the speaker led Kehila's group effort to write the following poem:

First Night

Let there be Dark
warmed by the glow of day
so, by candlelight, I knit.
Let Dark hold us cozy
under a blanket of blackness
so we can sink into sleep.
Let Dark, whose envelope opens in circadian rhythms, put at bay distractions.
Let inky velvet shrug off my burdens. Let the emptiness call
because Dark brings tranquility:
glistening stars in the sky, reflected in the depths of the ocean,
glowing footprints in the sand, showing where we’ve been and
the path to where we will go.

Let light and mist break the night into the day.

– Kehila Chadasha
November 12, 2017

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