Kehila Retreat 2018 - and a 40th Anniversary Celebration

Kehila Retreat 2018 - and a 40th Anniversary Celebration

Kehila's 2018 retreat is a dual celebration - or annual retreat weekend at the Sanctuary Retreat Center in Maryland, and a celebration of our 40th Anniversary.

Please join us for Shabbat dinner, breakfast and morning service, a discussion with this year's amazing panel of Kehilites: Joe Oppenheim, Judy Marx, Russ Cannon, Fran Teplitz, and Jamie Scharff, followed by a catered lunch. We'll have activities for kids and teens, time to relax, chat, take walk in the woods, and morning yoga.

In the evening, we'll celebrate! Never again will Kehila be 40 and emerging from the desert.

Our celebration celebration recalls the years Israelites spent in the desert before reaching the promised lands. Events begin at 4:00 pm with a walk through Kehila's 40 years. We'll take a special journey through Kehila's past, designed by Wendy Miller and Rosanna Azar. The bibilical story has 42 stops, but we will make only four to recall Kehila's history.

Under a tent, there will be appetizers and a lucious buffet dinner along with entertainment, including a special video, Kehila acts, dancing and singing. We will end the evening with Havdala.