Jewish Life

Rabbi David Shneyer

Holiday Celebrations

We gather as a community to celebrate major Jewish holidays - and a few minor ones as well.

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Shabbat observances run the gamut among Kehila families. Some attend services regularly and enjoy a break from daily life from sundown Friday to havdalah on Saturday. Others gather in small groups for Friday dinner.

As a community we have monthly onegs or havdalahs during the school year, generally with a short service and planned program, sometimes catered and sometimes pot-luck. Adults gather after Friday dinner five or six times a year for a short service, program, and dessert.

Many members of our community enjoy davenin' with Reb David on Shabbat. For more information, please visit

Life-Cycle Events

Kehila members are encouraged to include as much of the community as possible in celebrating their life-cycle events. Thus, our children – and, indeed, adults – can observe and participate in many rituals through the years.