Green School Supplies

Green School Supplies

Give new life to items that are taking up space in your drawers and boxes.

The Sunday School is accepting donations in kind of school and art supplies to be used in the classroom. Our Judaics teacher, Gale Pressman, is a talented professional artist with a special gift for turning found items into art and she can instruct your children in doing the same!  Please send an email if you have items to contribute so that we can plan collection and transportation accordingly:

This collection is open to all members of Kehila, not just Sunday School families!

Suggested supplies:
Marbles (for an upcoming dreidel project)
Old CDs (can be scratched, blank or not, as long as they are not cracked)
Fabric (cloth napkins, fabric remnants, tablecloths, etc).
Paper, large and small, colored or white. 
Index cards, all sizes, lined or unlined, color or white
Cardstock, colors or white
Foam core
Fun stickers! 
Hanukkah stickers
Duct tape
Gems with flat backs (that can be glued onto another surface)
Glue sticks
Dry erase markers

Thank you for your contributions!