Hanukkah celebration

Frozen latke and Kehila topper taste test!

For this year's Hanukkah celebration, we have decided to use the occasion to find out what is the best frozen latke available. The Oneg committee will be providing an assortment of frozen latke options and you get to decide which one is the best! You can also bring your favorite latke topper. Persimmon applesauce, spiced-up sour cream, apple horseradish mayo... let your creativity flow! Become the champ of the Kehila Latke Toppers. Everyone will play a role in picking the winners.

We’ll light faux Hanukkah candles (sorry, fire code!), eat latkes and other goodies, do some trivia and games, and have an all around great time. Every Kehila family is asked to bring two vegetarian potluck dishes (one of which can be a latke topper!) to the party. Please RSVP to the punchbowl invite coming out soon (or email Jason Hillman). Also, if you have an electric menorah, please let us know.


Sun, 12/17/2017 - 4:00pm


Garrett Park Town Hall
10814 Kenilworth Ave
Garrett Park, MD 20896