Did You Hear? - February 2019

Did You Hear? - February 2019

From the Azar/Orencel Family:

Talia Orencel lead a trip to Israel and Palestinian territories for 25 University of Maryland a selected group of student leaders(5 participants were jewish and 20 participants non-jewish) during the winter recess. As an in-depth exploration experience, the trip gave the students, together with Maryland Hillel staff, an opportunity to engage and explore the reality of the Middle East. The group traveled to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee, Rawabi, Ramallah and the Dead Sea,

They learned about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; shining an international light on its complexities and nuances, in an immersive experiential method. The students met with politicians, activists, civic leaders, academics, artists, Israelis, Arabs, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, clerics, and humanitarians who offered diverse perspectives of the issues related to the region and gained appreciation of the political, religious, cultural and historical factors that form the complexity of the Middle East today. 

Good job Talia, congratulations!

Rosana and Jorge