Bnot Mitzah Class 2014

Bnot Mitzah Class 2014

On October 25, 2014, eleven women from Kehila, spanning a generation in ages from their 40's to their 70's, became Bnot Mitzvah. For them, becoming Bnot Mitzvah was an affirmation of their Jewishness and their love for their heritage.

Bnot Mitzvah Class 2014

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They studied Hebrew, Jewish ethics and liturgy for a full year. Each woman read from the Torah and participated in the service in various ways, leading prayers, offering readings and giving Divrei Torah. Together the women spent a day at the Sasha Bruce House in the District, sprucing up the grounds, organizing the clothing closet, painting rooms and preparing a dinner for their residents and others.

Here is a link to the ceremony program booklet. Below are links to individual commentaries and readings: