Silent Auction arrives today!

Silent Auction arrives today!

Don't miss Kehila's Silent Auction this Sunday May 13th and Sealed Bid Auction that runs through June 7th.  We're raising funds for our 40th Anniversary celebration and our community has donated fabulous items: 
  • visit Maine in the summer,
  • feast on a gourmet meal cooked for you and your guests,
  • get an architectural consult,
  • a hand-knit scarf,
  • a custom floral arrangement,
  • Nats tickets,
  • home-made pies and cakes,
  • art from our own Kehila artists, and
  • live music from David

These are only SOME of the great items we'll be offering.  The descriptions of items with a designated, value and minimum bid price are described in the links to Google Docs found at the end of this email.  

May 13th:  We'll be offering a variety of items for you to bid on in-person.  You can also designate someone to who will be there to bid on your behalf or, contact us at "".  Every item will have a "buy it now" price if you want to make sure you're the the winner!

May 13 - June 7: You will have the opportunity to make a sealed bid for other items (typically higher value).  You won't know what others are bidding -- only your own bid (hence the name).  The highest bidder will win the item and we'll announce winners at Kehila's 40th Anniversary celebration on June 9th, after havdalah.   You can make sealed bids in person at Kehila's May 13 and June 3 meetings at BCC, or send your sealed bid to "".  

Links to Auction Items and Sealed Bid Forms (copy these links to your browser window):

Auction items:

Sealed Bid Form:
Special thanks to all the folks who offered donations for our auction.  Happy bidding folks!
Laureen and Carol