Adult Education

Our Kehila University

Kehila's adult education program is central to our philosophy. It shows that we are a group eager to learn, open to listening to many opinions, interested in learning about ourselves and others, and always examining our views and beliefs.

Max Ticktin has been a favorite Kehila lecturer for many years.The weekly program usually consists of a speaker from the political, historical, entertainment, or literary world on topics with a Jewish theme. Kehila's program chairs line up a variety of presenters who challenge us with provocative discussions. Speakers include visiting lecturers and experts from outside the Washington, D.C., area as well as locals.
Sunday morning adult education has been an integral part of the Kehila from its inception. We decided that while children needed education, so did adults. We did not want to be a "drop-off" school but a place where all community members could learn. Sunday morning is our Kehila University. (Photo: GW Professor Max Ticktin, of blessed memory)

Upcoming Program Topics