Kehila Chadasha (translated, a new community) was founded in 1978 as a community that values Jewish heritage, history, and traditions through education, celebration, music, discussions, and social action. More

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  • Volunteers needed for the Generations Project :
    In keeping with our March Getting Better acquainted theme, we will once again match Kehila veterans with our teens so the different Kehila generations can learn about each other.  Our past Generations Projects have inspired learning, forged stronger bonds, and helped the community realize how much we have in common and how much we can learn from one another. 

From Reb David's Blog

Heartbeat and their message

Nine members of Heartbeat arrived this past week in the U.S. to bring a message that affirms a hope in the creation of a shared society, a truly just and democratic society where Israeli Jews, Israeli Palestinians and other minorities can live together in peace. Their message is applied through music, music they create together. They sing in Hebrew, Arabic and English.